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My name is Amanda Gallagher and I am your 2019 Independent Candidate for the Sligo - Drumcliffe Area.   

I am married to Raymond for the past ten years and we live in Ballisodare, with our six children.  I was born in London, but my family made the journey home to Sligo every school holiday and I have wonderful memories of my Grandparent's farm, at the foot of Benbulben Mountain.  As a child I loved Ireland, and especially of course, Sligo - so I was very happy when at the age of twelve, we finally moved home for good.  

On May 24th, I am seeking election.  I have been a strong voice over the past years both locally and nationally on many issues - including being the main self-build campaigner which resulted in an amendment to restrictive Legislation (S.I. 9 of 2014 Building Control Regulations) - a rare victory for ordinary people!  I am also a passionate campaigner for the Right to Life of our Unborn Children.   Now the time has come where I hope to officially become YOUR voice and to work to make the Ireland of our future a better place for our children; an Ireland where the Government and its bodies seek to improve the lives of its entire people, not just the select few.

I have a vision for the Ireland of the future - I would like to share with you my vision:

Imagine living in an Ireland where our Children can remain safe and carefree,
where our Youth would have a wide range of much needed facilities,
where Families never have to suffer the burden of homelessness or hunger,
where our Elderly are cherished and feel safe in their own homes,
and where we value Life at all stages.  

Imagine our Young people, who were forced to emigrate, are now instead encouraged to return home.
Imagine homelessness not being an issue here in Sligo, with new housing plans, built by the local authority in an Ireland where you have a right and are incentivised to self-build your own home on your own land.

Imagine proper investment in our very neglected Rural Communities such as tourist attractions, transport and facilities and that instead of closing amenities in our towns and villages, we build them up.


I would be grateful if you would give me your No. 1 Vote on May 24th.

Thank you.

Amanda Gallagher

'There are far, far better things ahead, than any we leave behind...'

(C.S. Lewis)


A strong voice for YOU!